Transportation - School Bus, Bicycles, Car Riders, and Walkers


The rules of Odyssey Middle School and OCPS are very clear. They do however take on increased meaning when infractions occur on the school bus. The safety of students is critical, and any infraction that occurs on the school bus that may distract a bus driver will be dealt with severely. Misconduct on the school bus endangers every person on the bus and the general public. Please understand that students will be suspended or possibly expelled from transportation or school if such misconduct occurs. If you are a school bus rider you must:

  • Fill out bus registration.
  • Memorize trip number.
  • Review and follow bus rules at all times.

The Code of Student Conduct is in effect while riding a school bus to and from school. Being able to ride a school bus is a service and a privilege. With a limited number of drivers and buses assigned to Odyssey Middle, each route is designed for a specific number of students to maximize efficiency and safety. For this reason students are not allowed to change from their regular bus (for the return trip home) to a different bus/trip number without a written parent request and approval from Odyssey’s administrator for transportation before midday/lunchtime of the expected bus/trip change in order to avoid confusion at dismissal. In many cases our school buses are already at maximum capacity and your request could be denied. If your child will not be taking his/her normal bus route, please make the necessary travel arrangements for your child.

Many students ride their bikes or walk to school. Some students are car riders, and others ride the school buses. Our safety rules cover all of these ways of getting to school.


  • Bicycles are to be registered with the school resource officer (SRO) and parked in the assigned area.
  • Once you have parked your bicycle, the bike parking area is off-limits until the end of the school day.
  • All bikes must be locked in the area with the student’s own lock.
  • Helmets must be worn.
  • Keep a copy of your bike serial number at home.


  • Drop off and pick up is in front of the school, in the student pick-up loop in front of the Media Center.
  • Do not use the bus loop for student pick-up or drop off.
  • Do not use the condo/apartments across the street from Odyssey or Lee Vista Boulevard to pick up or drop off your student.
  • To facilitate a smooth flow of traffic, please pull all the way down the sidewalk in front of the Media Center before stopping to load or unload. For safety reasons use only the designated pickup - drop off area, painted yellow in front of the Media Center.
  • Students are not to cross any part of the parking lot to enter an automobile lined up in the car loop.


  • Crossing guards are located at nearby intersections for the safety of all students. Please follow their directions at all times.

*Reminder: When walking or riding a bike to school, wear light colors and walk or ride in the direction of the traffic.

Skateboards, rollerblades & skates, and scooters are NOT permitted on campus and will be confiscated.