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Odyssey Middle School has a health room attendant. The title of “nurse” is protected by Florida Statute 464.016 for individuals that are licensed as nurses with the State of Florida. Therefore, when a student gets sick at school a pass will be obtained from the teacher to go to the health room where a call is made to the parent. It is very important that every student has a completed Emergency Form on file in the registration/attendance office.

Students needing occasional medications, such as antibiotics, are to take these medications at home, if possible. Medication that is prescribed three (3) times a day can be given before a student comes to school, after school, and again at bedtime. However, if medication MUST be given at school, it must be accompanied by a written authorization from a parent/guardian and in the original container and delivered to the health room attendant’s office. Students are not to carry any medication, over-the-counter or prescribed, at any time during the school day. Students with an inhaler or Epi-pen must carry with them written notification from the ODMS health room. Please ask the student to provide you with the written verification we have on file at school for him or her. If the student cannot provide the written verification, please send the student to the health room and contact the attendant by telephone. We will work with the parent to ensure the proper documentation is on file.

It is imperative that the registration/attendance office be notified immediately in the event of a change of address, home or office telephone number, or if emergency information changes during the academic school year.

You may contact our Health Room Attendant for any questions or concerns at 407-207-3850 ext. 522-2229.  [email protected]

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