Odyssey Parents and Athletes,

Our middle school athletic program will begin in January.  However, it will look a little different this year because student safety is our top priority.   The district will offer middle school athletics through an intramural model.  Students will be able to participate in the four traditional middle school sports (volleyball, track and field, basketball, and soccer) throughout the second semester.  The intramural model will give Odyssey students an opportunity to participate in practices and games with Odyssey students and remain on our school campus.  There will not be any games or competitions at or against other schools.  This means that students will only compete against other Odyssey students.  


As athletic director, I will do everything possible to keep the Odyssey athletic tradition and experience engaging and fun, while teaching valuable fundamentals and how to play each sport. The intramural model will provide an opportunity for all students to participate in the sport or sports they choose for the duration, while competing against their fellow students. There will not be tryouts in the traditional format where students are cut from a team. Instead, we will use tryouts as a way to evaluate skill levels. This will help the coaches in creating organized practice schedules and equal teams.


A day of intramural sports will consist of coaches leading drills to work on fundamentals and ending with fun, modified game play. To reduce the risk of COVID transmission, only students will be allowed at regular scheduled intramural practices. However, we will also schedule a couple of game nights where parents can come to watch their child show off their talents. Once game nights begin, there will be a maximum capacity of 25% seating. More details to come as we work through these new uncharted waters.


Eligibility: To participate, students must have an Athletic packet turned into Coach Webb before being able to participate. The packets are available at the front desk, as well as on the Odyssey Middle School website under the Athletics tab. The paperwork includes a mandatory OCPS physical, signed/ stamped and cleared by a doctor along with signatures and information completely filled out and signed by the parent and the athlete. We are asking that these be completed and turned in by Thursday, January 7th so all information can be entered into the data system.  Face to face, Launch Ed, and Virtual school students are all eligible to participate in athletics.



Volleyball - Beginning January 11

Track and Field - Beginning February 8

Basketball - Beginning March 22

Soccer - Beginning April 19


For a more detailed schedule, please visit the Odyssey Middle School website.


In order to gauge interest in each sport and to get an idea of how many students might participate, please complete the following survey by Thursday, December 17th.  Each student should only complete one survey.

Please click on the survey link below:

 Survey Link


We look forward to working with your child in the upcoming intramural sports season.



Coach Webb


Athletic Director

Odyssey Middle School

407-207-3850 ext. 522-2288

[email protected]


To minimize the risk of COVID, students must adhere to OCPS guidelines and the expectations of all coaches.