Exceptional student education and support services

Exceptional Student Education

Odyssey Middle’s Exceptional Student Education Program serves students in many ways. Our goal is to provide students with the support they need in order to experience success. We offer support for students in all the core academic areas in either a co-taught classroom setting or in a Varying Exceptionalities class setting. Students are also part of a grade level team and participate in a variety of electives. Students that are in the Gifted Program may take a Gifted Language Arts class.

Curriculum Leader:  Ms. Kimberly Dewitt-- Placement Specialist   Ext.522-4224 / [email protected] 

Class information will be posted as teachers submit them for the new school year.

Our wonderful   ESE Teachers:

Yisette Colon/ [email protected]
Kimeche Carmichael/ [email protected]