Basketball schedule

Odyssey Basketball

Schedule 2019 

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Date                                                   Opponent           Home/ Away          Time

January 23rd, Wednesday               Blankner              Away                    5:00 P.M.


January 30th, Wednesday             Westridge           Home                   5:00 P.M.


February 4th, Monday                     Jackson                Away                    5:00 P.M.


February 6th, Wednesday             Conway               Home                   5:00 P.M.


February 11th, Monday                   Memorial            Away                    5:00 P.M.


February 13th, Wednesday           Liberty                 Home                   5:00 P.M.


February 20th, Wednesday            Lake Como           Away                    5:00 P.M.


Basketball Fest Tournament

(Top 3 teams from each cluster advance to a single elimination 18 team playoff for girls and 18 team playoff for boys).

 Round 1 (4 Teams)        Round 2 (16 Teams)        Quarter Finals (8 Teams)            Semi-Final (4 Teams)                Championship (2 Teams)

    Feb. 25 (Mon.)             February 27 (Wed.)               March 4 (Mon.)                          March 6 (Wed.)              March 11-13 TBD

  Play-In Games



* Boys will play first followed by the girls in all contests.

*Playoffs will begin the week after the last regular season game.